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Provides essential background and context for The Dragon MatrixDownload the Prelude.

Chapter 1

Introduction to the land of Anara.  Think middle earth with the addition of dragons, faeries and elemental beings.  Download Chapter 1.

Chapter 2

The Queen calls the Faery Council to order.  All of the inhabitants of Anara come to the castle to hear what Draigo has found out.  Download Chapter 2.

Chapter 3

Trevor is 15, lives in London.  It’s 2:00 a.m. He is playing World of Warcraft in his bedroom.  As he closes his computer, he hears a voice from the shadows.  A Mage from Anara has come to collect him.  Download Chapter 3.

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Chapter 4 - The Dragon Matrix

Alexandria is 16 and lives in New York. A black belt in Hapkido, she learned two years ago that she has faery dna. Looking out the cab window, she sees Rowan, her mentor from another realm. This will be her third trip to Anara. An apprentice priestess in the Order of the Seven Sisters, she is eager to return to this magical place she loves so much.
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Chatper 5 - The Dragon Matrix

Antonio and Tomas are brothers, 12 and 14, and live in Southern California. Tomas finds a small dragon in the hills of Newbury Park. He enters a portal shown to him by the dragon. As he disappears, his brother panics, and decides to follow him.
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Chapter 6 - The Dragon Matrix

Avalon is Irish, 12 years old, and lives in Los Angeles. She is connected to Anara in ways she can’t even begin to imagine. Unexpectedly, she bonds with a young dragon named Tukka and finds out that she is from a long lineage of faery healers.
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Chapter 7 - The Dragon Matrix

Born and raised in New York, Genevieve Yoo and her family have relocated to Seoul, Korea for one year to take care of her ailing grandmother. Her first day at school starts off badly as she is bullied by two girls who don’t like the newcomer. After school, she finds a shop filled with treasures and adventure.
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