Character Summaries

Seven teens from around the world have been invited to enter the Land of Anara for the adventure of a lifetime.

Trevor is 15, lives in London, and has had a bad week.  His parents are getting divorced, his girlfriend just dumped him, and everyone forgot it was his birthday.  It’s 2:00 a.m. He is playing World of Warcraft in his bedroom.  As he closes his computer, he hears a voice from the shadows.  A Mage from Anara has come to collect him.

young woman by horseAlexandria is 16 and lives in New York.  A black belt in Hapkido, she learned two years ago that she has faery dna. Looking out the cab window, she sees Rowan, her mentor from another realm.  This will be her third trip to Anara.  An apprentice priestess in the Order of the Seven Sisters, she is eager to return to this magical place she loves so much.

Antonio and Tomas are brothers, 12 and 14, and live in Southern California. Tomas is mesmerized by a small dragon he finds in the hills of Newbury Park. As his brother comes to get him for dinner, Tomas enters a portal shown to him by the dragon.  As he disappears, his brother panics, and decides to follow him. One will become an adventurous dragonrider, the other will struggle to find the role he is to play.

Gennie is 15 and from New York. Her Korean grandmother is ill and her parents make the decision to relocate to Korea for a year.  Despondent, her first day at her new school goes from bad to worse when she is bullied by two older girls.  Avoiding the bus home, she walks down the hill to a busy business area and enters a shop filled with magic and possibility.  She is no stranger to the unusual because her dreams have a way of becoming reality.

Avalon is Irish, 12 years old, and living in Los Angeles.  She is connected to Anara in ways she can’t even begin to imagine.  Unexpectedly, she bonds with a young dragon named Tukka and finds out that she is from a long lineage of faery healers. As she begins her journey with this fellowship, she will discover a profound connection with a kindred soul and a deep sense of belonging missing from her life.

Robbie is running from two older boys who are intent on beating him up.  As he turns the corner by the gym at his high school, he takes refuge behind a big tree.  As Robbie touches the tree, he enters a portal and ends up at the feet of a gryphon named Wheezer.  As the gryphon lifts him up and pins him against the gate, he barely escapes harm when other travelers show up and convince Wheezer to put him down.

They form their own fellowship where they learn about each other and the dark forces at work to prevent them ever reaching their destination.  Their journey is filled with friend and foe alike. Along the way they will discover that not everyone is who they claim to be.  There will be confusion and clarity, awakenings and reckonings, magic and mayhem.  A war is brewing in Lanskule that threatens them all.  Most of all, there is connection to each other, this new realm, and to the earth itself.

From the land of Anara: Faery Queen Jolianna

Queen Jolianna









Artwork by Amy Brown. Used with permission.

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