Out of the Spiritual Closet

I used to be in the closet about my spirituality.  I felt the need to hide how I felt about otherworldly things. Afraid people would think I was weird.  What a relief it was when all that I was drawn to was being talked about openly as the eighties moved into the nineties.  Subjects that had been relegated to the shadows were brought into the light. As we moved as a group into the 1990’s, a great awakening was going on and continues to be in play to this day. A massive group of seekers were looking for a new … Continue reading

Filling the Void

Sometimes you reach a certain point in your life, and things just fall into place.  It isn’t tied to an age or an event because it is a compilation of many factors that appear to be random in your life until the pattern is revealed and things make sense. Many of us have been on a quest for years to fill the emptiness inside.  We moved through thinking the perfect job, or the perfect partner, or the perfect whatever would make us feel whole.  It never does. After Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert became a best seller, it struck … Continue reading

Give Me a Sign, Ok?


Everyone seems to go on a quest at some point in their life to answer the same questions.  Who am I? Why am I here?  What is my purpose?  Where do I belong? My extended journey to answer these questions eventually led me to the south end of Whidbey Island.  What I found here was what was waiting for me.  What someone else finds here is not for me to say. My journey led me to a book I had dreamed about and a sense of finding home and community of like-minded individuals.  There is an awesome community of spiritual … Continue reading

Finding My Inner Alice

alice in wonderland

This first post is a continuation of my bio on the Author page and will make more sense if you have read that first. Funny how life takes us off in new directions, whether we are ready for them or not.  Adventure entered my life in the form of location shoots all over the country.  Traveling with film companies made me comfortable with moving into a city or state I didn’t know and discovering what it was all about.  A few jobs took me out of the country.  One show in Montreal in the Fall allowed me to explore this … Continue reading